Illustrating Children’s Books-Some Tips:

Illustration by itself requires you to think out of the box and make your results appealing to the mass crowd. Unless it is attractive, people will not give it a second glance and all your hardwork goes waste. When it comes to children, one has to be aware of their attention span. They are forever distracted and can’t wait to jump to the next task.

The following tips will help you cater to this particular audience

  1.      Always remember that your audience is a child and all they want to do is to have fun. Your illustrations and messages need to be funny. Your sketches and images will be easier to sell if they have that fun element despite being a message oriented book. Let’s face it, kids will only be interested when they see pictures that are funny and laughable. So, it is always best to bank on that.
  2.      In this field, nothing bad ever comes from having a wild imagination. Fortunately, you will get the best ideas when you imagine the scene or situation and draw the reactions you see in your head.
  3.      Experiencing or imagining yourself as a child while you illustrate will help immensely. This is especially so because we are so caught up in trying to make a living, that we lose track of the goal which is to draw so that it appeals to a child. Imagining that you are the child and then attempting to draw the same will allow you to get the right perspective.

The best way to unleash your creativity is to get bored and there is nothing wrong with it. Being bored with what you see and so all day and everyday will allow you to come up with something different and uniquely creative. It is essentially acycle that all artists must allow themselves to go through to produce their best and save themselves from being repetitive.