Succeed Today

How to be successful:

There is no sure shot method that will ensure that you succeed in becoming a successful illustrator of Children’s Books but by following a few do’s and don’ts, you can ensure that you are following the right path and success is sure to follow.

  1.      It may well be advantageous to go with an agent. You are probably the best and an upcoming illustrator in town but unless you know how to present yourself, read through contracts, promote your work, maximize your fees, you are definitely going to be short-changed in the process. While they charge a fee, handing over the job to someone who knows how to get the best for you will be well worth it. They will not only understand your work but will also be able to pitch it to the best people allowing you to focus completely on being creative.
  2.      It is important to understand that selling Children’s books is beyond just illustrations and your idea alone. So, be open to changes that publishers may want and know that it is for the best interests of the final product. Eventually, you will benefit if your book is a success. So, be prepared that your book may go through many drafts (in some cases there may be very few but it helps to keep an open mind)
  3.      Take all the help you can and acknowledging that you are not good at certain things may actually be good for you eventually. There is usually a team of editors, designers, publishers who are available to help you to bring out the best. Further, do not underestimate the power of social media. Researching and promoting your work online through Twitter or Facebook will most likely intrigue people and get them interested in your work. Plus, you never know who is following and your next big break may come from one of your followers! Good luck and keep doodling!